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A direct-source, organic Ecuadorian Guayusa! Absolutely amazing, clean energy source.

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A favorite in our Tea House! Guayusa is a lightly sweet, herbaceous, smooth brew. This herb is from South American, is naturally caffeinated, and is a close cousin to Yerba Mate. Considered a Superfood, with extremely high antioxidant concentrations that far surpass Green tea. Guayusa also contains theobromine (an alkaloid that is also found in dark chocolate); holds all 15 essential amino acids; and has a strong representation of vitamins and minerals. The caffeine kick is second only to coffee. However, Guayusa also has high levels of the amino acid L-theanine which produces an enhanced tranquil state. So the synergistic effect is a calm, stimulated, sustained focus. We strongly recommend this tea to anyone who is trying to wean off the Jo’. Absolutely perfect for your morning cup or for the afternoon lows or for that project that has yet to be finished. Fabulously savored hot or iced. This organic tea is ethically sourced, economically sustainable, small batch and artisan crafted.



Steeping Notes:
1 tbs of loose leaf tea;  boiling water;  5 to 7 minutes of steep time