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Radical Sustainability

Organic, socially responsible artisan teas

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Drink. Discover. Thrive.

All of our teas and botanicals are ethically and sustainably sourced from global tea plantations and global, regional, and local herb farms. We believe in conscious farming practices and sourcing as much as we can through direct trade from small, independent growers.

Nourish, Heal, Rejuvenate

Hood River Foundation of vibrant living


The Hood River Foundation of Vibrant Living intends to cultivate a Community Space centered around practices that include meditation, mindfulness, and discussion that lend themselves to living life with positive intention.

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Therapeutic Breathwork & Sacred Sound - Third Fridays

Reiki Circles with Maureen Sprauge - First Tuesdays

Weekly Alchemy Sessions ~ Sacred Sound Meditations, Plant Spirit Tea Meditations and Alchemy Flow.