Tea bags are online!

You can now buy our tea bags here on the website!

Why tea bags?

I drink a ton of tea, and most of it is loose-leaf (for various reasons—next blog post will have to be “Why I love loose-leaf”)—but there’s no beating tea bags for convenience.

2018 has been a big year for us, and we just get busier and busier. With a 7-month-old and a thriving tea company, I find myself grabbing tea bags much more often than usual. In my previous experiences with tea bags, the flavor could never compete with loose-leaf tea.  But, with our GMT tea bags, that’s not an issue! Here’s why:

Whenever possible, we use whole ingredients in our teas—whole leaf tea, whole herbs, whole flowers. The same goes for our tea bags. You can see whole Chamomile flowers in Warm Hugs, for example. If you cut open a conventional tea bag, it’s usually difficult to identify the ingredients, because the pieces are so small. With whole ingredients you can see and taste a marked difference.

Our tea bags are pyramid style, which allow room for the tea and herb leaves to unfurl— so the flavor is more like loose-leaf than a conventional tea bag.

Until now our tea bags were only available in restaurants and coffee shops—but we’ve had so many requests from folks who want to have them at home that we decided to offer them here! Shop for Tea bags