Winter Wellness Pack

Winter Wellness Pack

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Warm & nourish your loved ones all winter long with this immune supporting gift pack

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Nourish the bodies and minds of you and your loved ones with the gift of wellness.

Help your friends, family, and yourself make the most of these beautiful winter months with this powerful immune support trio. The Winter Wellness Pack includes the immune support of Sniffles, the spicy golden nourishment of Ginger Love, and the throat soothing botanicals of Wintersong. Whatever the cold weather brings your way, these herbal wellness teas have got you covered!


A gentle, immune enhancing herbal tea for the whole family. Kid friendly, mother approved!! Honey-sweet Elder Flowers contain strong anti-viral properties that can help ease and clear the first stage symptoms of a common cold. The cooling, anti-inflammatory properties of Chrysanthemum Flower can provide comfort as well. Chamomile and Linden flowers are a beautiful herbal pairing to help calm and soothe. High in vitamin C, the fruity Rosehips help to nourish and strengthen, while the woody-sweet Licorice root harmonizes and nourishes. Sniffles Tea is a must have addition to your home apothecary!!

Peppermint*, Rosehips*, Chamomile*, Lindon*, Elderflower*, Chrysanthemum*, Licorice root*. Caffeine free

Ginger Love

A spicy, golden, warming elixir! Ginger root and Turmeric have been a dynamic duo in herbal healing traditions for hundreds of years. The synergistic effect of these two powerhouse herbs helps promote circulation and reduce inflammation throughout the body. An excellent choice for supporting joint health and longevity, as well as nourishing the digestive system. Your body will love Ginger Love!! Use our Ginger Love tea for your own rendition of the famous Golden Milk: simply steep Ginger Love in your favorite steamed milk beverage (we suggest coconut milk) with a little clarified butter and raw honey. Its amazing!

Ginger root*, Fennel*, Licorice root*, Turmeric*, Lemongrass*, Lemon balm*, Lemon verbena* Caffeine free


A consoling lullaby of soothing botanicals to help soften the throat. Naturally sweet and adorably yummy, Wintersong is enjoyed by the whole family making it a prime addition to your home herbal apothecary. Slippery Elm and Licorice root are known demulcents that help soften and coat distressed tissues and promote natural moistening. The mucilageous effect can help alleviate sore throats. Comforting Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties while Sweet Cinnamon warms and invigorates. A harmonious ballad of herbs to help nourish and support in times of discomfort.

Chamomile*, Cinnamon*, Fennel*, Slippery elm*, Licorice root*. Caffeine free

*Organic. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or ingredients. These organic House Blends are ethically sourced, economically sustainable, small batch and artisan crafted.