Renewal Tea Trio

Renewal Tea Trio

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Nourishing as you shift out of hibernation and seek the renewal and growth of the season

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We open our arms to the coming of spring as our souls awaken from winter and seeks renewal and growth. We shift out of hibernation and begin to purge anything stagnant in our minds and bodies. The warmth of the sun awakens us and propels us to move forward and make changes. We plant new seeds in our lives, in the forms of plants, goals, and intentions.

This Good Medicine tea trio was specially formulated to help you release what is unnecessary while embracing that which serves you. Cleanse and nourish with Flower Power Detox, support and replenish with Star Veda, energize and restore balance to your life with Tulsi.

Flower Power Detox

A balanced, harmonizing blend of herbal blooms that support detoxification of the liver and lymphatic system while synergistically nourishing and tonifiying the blood and kidneys. A unique wellness blend of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western herbs. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Red clover*, Lycii berries*, Chrysanthemum*, Fennel*, Honeysuckle*, Violet*, Elder flower*, Ginger*, Cinnamon* Caffeine Free

Energetic Infusion of Black Tourmaline and Rue Flower Essence

Star Veda

Tired & wired? Burned out? Living on your edge? What you need is Divine Intervention. And a cup of this Cosmic Grace . Balance your life and your ego with this blend of nourishing adaptogenic herbs. Support and replenish your nervous system. Reduce stress and calm your senses. Everything you need is right here, right now in this cup of tea.

Licorice Root*, Holy Basil*, Peppermint*, Fennel*, Star Anise* Caffeine Free

Energetic Infusion of Obsidian and Black Eyed Susan Flower Essence

**Packaged in a 2 oz bulk bag**


In Hindu mythology, the ayurvedic Holy Basil herb is said to be a direct incarnation of the Goddess Tulsi providing Divine protection. Holy Basil has been used for thousands of years in ayurvedic traditions for purifying, cleansing and detoxifying whole body systems. It is also used to support a healthy response to stress, increase stamina, endurance and energy, and restore balance and harmony. 

Organic Tulsi from Jean Marie's Garden

**Packaged in a 2 oz bulk bag**

*Organic. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or ingredients. These organic House Blends are ethically sourced, economically sustainable, small batch and artisan crafted.