Good Medicine is a labor of love started in 2014 by Nikol Clark and Randy Goetz. These two soul mates are propelled by their shared commitment to good health, fascination at nature’s bounty, and fearless sense of adventure. Their love and partnership has inspired an enterprise that is ethical, healthful, and community oriented.


Meet the Team



Randy Goetz

Life is strange and beautiful and it’s surprises are what make it worth living. For Randy, surprise twists abound along a career path that began as a geologist and has arrived at a role as a tea entrepreneur. So, how does one move from investigating the great cycles of water and rock that shape the surface of the Earth to blending amazing tea and serving it in a cozy tea house? It all comes down to choices.

Stay with the familiar, with what you know, a place of stability and the comfort of predictability? Or venture into the unknown, a place where the stakes are high, a place of magic or disaster? For Randy, the choice was made in one of many soul-searching conversations that he and Nikol had while they decided whether or not to embark on the small-business adventure that has become Good Medicine. Always the seeker and visionary, Nikol asked Randy a pivotal question:

“Imagine the potential for success on your current path, and imagine the potential if we follow this dream.” It was the possibility, the potential that Good Medicine held that convinced Randy that it was worth putting heart and soul into trying, and never look back.

Randy’s work is integral to Good Medicine spanning and connecting all aspects of the business from production, to sales, to events, to serving tea and visiting with customers in the Good Medicine Lounge. Working with Nikol’s vision and ability to see the future (!), and with the help of an amazing team, Randy tries to be the wheels that make Good Medicine go.


Nikol Angel

Nikol Angel is an Earth Mama, Medicine Woman. She is a Plant Mystic, Soul Doctor who weaves the ancient wisdoms of Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Shamanic healings. Her Sacred Element sessions are a dynamic fusion of botanical aroma - therapeutics, acupuncture, and intuitive, energetic bodywork. She is founder of Good Medicine Tea and the director of the Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts in Hood River, Oregon.

Nikol can often be found teaching her children how to garden, nourishing people's bodies and minds through community acupuncture and special events at the Good Medicine house, or by booking an appointment with her



Alexa is our Master Blender, handcrafting our tea blends, concocting new recipes, and handling our vast tea, spice, and herb inventory. She is a self-proclaimed “tea nerd” and can usually be found drinking, sharing, and learning (more, and more...and more) about tea.

A Columbia Gorge native, Alexa has been drinking tea since she was a small child. One of her first “tea moments” was sharing peppermint tea with her Dad, from her favorite ceramic mug.

As an adult, her passion for tea deepened while she was living in Taiwan. Sharing gongfu-style Taiwanese oolong became a weekly ritual with a group of friends, and she was hooked. Alexa’s time at Good Medicine has also developed her love of herbal medicine, and she continues to expand her knowledge of herblore and the natural world. She is currently enrolled in a Master Naturalist course at OSU. She hopes to utilize her newfound knowledge at Good Medicine and as a volunteer with nonprofit organizations in the Columbia Gorge. Alexa and her husband currently have 25 tea plants in the ground at their homestead in BZ corner, and hope that at least a few of them will survive the winter (cross your fingers). Good Medicine may someday offer locally grown tea!

Alexa brings her passion and experience to the holistic vision of Good Medicine, and to the incredible community that we have in the Gorge. She loves being a part of both.



Courtney is Good Medicine’s resident web guru, photoshop nerd, and novice tea fanatic. She loves researching fun new facts with inquiring minds, and can often be found by the fireplace deeply immersed in the lands of Squarespace and Adobe. She traveled around a good portion of the United States chasing white water and teaching outdoor education before deciding to call the Gorge home. She likes to use her creative skills to mix up ridiculous tea blends, find original lines through rapids, and solve problems with duct tape and snacks. Ask her to tell you about the one time she got lost or what herb she’s currently learning about.



Brittany Anna finds nature as her most cherished medicine. She is fueled deep in the woods backpacking, practicing yoga on a mountain top, floating down a river, and jumping into the ocean. Even when not deeply immersed in the woods, plant allies bring Brittany deep healing and contentment. Whether she is mixing up warm elixirs, blending herbs, or concocting essential oil potions, nature is her good medicine. Originally from Illinois, Brittany made her way West via Colorado State University; completing her degree in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism, with a focus on Global Tourism and a dual minor of Spanish & Business. With a detour in “Ski Town USA”, she then ventured out to the Pacific Northwest. Brittany’s roots in Good Medicine Tea began in 2014, since, growing her passion for tea, herbs, and vibrant wellness. Thus, evolving her role in Good Medicine, Brittany has returned from her South American adventure, and completed her quest for a direct source of Guayusa tea, Cacao, Palo Santo, and to complete a 200 hour Yoga Instructor Training in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Dreams of bringing Good Medicine Tea to a South American land, in creation of an epic hostel of healing, wellness, outdoor education, and Eco-Tourism is on her heart’s horizon.

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