Golden Milk Paste Recipe

Golden Milk Paste Recipe:

This is measurements for a 4 oz jar-

1 Tsp Ground Ginger

2 Tbs Turmeric

6-8 Seeds Hulled Cardamom (ground to powder in grinder)

2 Balls Black Peppercorns (ground to powder in grinder)

½ Tsp Cinnamon (ground)

½ Cup Water

Mix all ingredients in sauce pan and heat on medium/low until paste forms- Stir Frequently (20-30 minutes). Pour paste into a glass jar while warm. Once cooled store in refrigerator.

Benefits may be seen as:

  • Turmeric: anti inflammatory, increase circulation
  • Ginger: stokes digestive fires, immune boosting
  • Cardamom: aids in digestion, circulation, detoxification
  • Black Pepper: aids in digestion, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, helps turmeric with absorption
  • Cinnamon: aids in digestion, anti-bacterial, high in nutrients

We love to make this Golden Paste and keep it on hand to add a tablespoon to warmed coconut milk, or any of your favorite milks. You can really boost the absorption rate and creaminess by adding ghee or coconut oil. It is also an amazing addition to coffee, chai, or even to use when cooking. It tastes great as a rub for sweet potatoes or added to a soup!

Traditionally used in the ancient Ayurvedic traditions of India, this comforting elixir for the mind and body is always a favorite for ultra nourishment.


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Joy Ride - A Blissful Black Tea Blend

Joyride- A specialty loose leaf Black Tea Blend

A favorite dessert tea in the Tea House! Almond, Coconut, and Black Tea equals pure bliss! Honey and milk enhance the flavors to out-of-this-world status. Our customers have been known to selfishly hide and horde this tea from visiting tea drinking friends. Savor alone, or dare to share the fun. Enjoy the Joyful Ride!

Joyride has continuously been a top seller around the Holiday season. So much so, that we have even run out completely before the big day. A great gift in a 2 oz canister and bonus (!) the canisters even fit in stockings! But, we know that you will likely need a stash for yourself at home, so we have you covered with various bulk options. (I recommend at least 4 is a good way to cure a sweet tooth and steer away from another round of Holiday cookies).

Here’s to a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season! 


**Hood River Local Pickup Option available*





DIY Tea Blends, A Festive Holiday DIY Gift Making Event

Thursday December 14, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Give a unique and creative gift this Christmas! Is your Christmas list full of tea lovers?! They will be happy on Christmas morning when they open your gift of delicious hand made tea. Good Medicine Tea will provide ingredients and guidance as you craft your own Holiday tea blend.

Class price $10.00, participants will receive 20% off all tea and tea wares purchased at the class. Pre-registration is required, space is limited. Contact Good Medicine Tea, 541-436-2540, 1029 May Street, Hood River

Check out the event on FACEBOOK


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Good Medicine Stocking Stuffers

Good Medicine Stocking Stuffers!

Give the tea lovers in your life For Life Design infusers, EcoTeas Mate bombillos, or travel friendly Steep N Go infusers... Don't forget Buddha Chocolate (small batch PDX)!

These 3 options make for easy access to your loose leaf tea steeping needs. For life stainless steel infusers fit into most 12 oz mugs. Two options include for at home steeping and travel steeping. The travel steeper comes with it's own carrying case. The Steep N Go infusers are silicone, light weight options for traveling with loose leaf tea. Also, great to bring camping or to ease weight limitations. Eco Teas Mate bombillos are available in stainless steel or bamboo. Bombillos are basically straws, that have little holes at the base to strain the tea as you drink through the straw. Traditionally served with a gourd of Mate, these bombillos can also be used with Herbal Teas, or Guayusa (teas that can handle a longer steep time). 

Buddha Chocolate is one of our favorite Portland based, small batch Chocolate companies. "Cacao + Coconut sugar, a magical alchemy" combination. Hand ground and poured with mindfulness and intention. 

Come Shop our Holiday Popup shop, loose leaf scoop specials & more!

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Immune System Boost - Cold Bomb Recipe

Need a zesty boost as the weather is gets colder? We would love to share with you our Good Medicine Tea COLD BOMB recipe.

½ Cup Honey

2-4 Tbs Fresh Grated Ginger

2 Tsp Turmeric

1 Lemon (Juice and Zest)

A few pinches of Cayenne Powder

Mix together all ingredients in a shallow glass tupperware or jar and store in the fridge.

Use 1 heaping TBS per serving. Add to mug with hot water, or add to your favorite cup of tea for a zesty boost. 

This formula is great to make as you begin to feel under the weather. It might even nip a cold before it takes over!

Some benefits may be seen as:

  • Honey- anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, energy boost, calms coughs

  • Ginger- immune boosting, increases circulation, anti-bacterial, digestive aid

  • Turmeric- anti inflammatory, increases circulation,  

  • Lemon- anti-bacterial, fever reducing, mood lifting

  • Cayenne- increases circulation, digestive aid, immune boosting


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Kid Friendly Winter Tea

The art and ritual of making a pot of tea is an amazing gift to give our children. This Winter Season, enjoy the simple pleasures of tea time with the whole family. Not only are these festive teas delicious, they are uplifting, immune boosting, and provide cold weather nourishment


A gentle, immune enhancing herbal tea for the whole family. Kid friendly, mother approved!! Honey-sweet Elder Flowers contain strong anti-viral properties that can help ease and clear the first stage symptoms of a common cold. The cooling, anti-inflammatory properties of Chrysanthemum Flower can provide comfort as well. Chamomile and Linden flowers are a beautiful herbal pairing to help calm and soothe. High in vitamin C, the fruity Rosehips help to nourish and strengthen, while the woody-sweet Licorice root harmonizes and nourishes. Sniffles Tea is a must have addition to your home apothecary!! Contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or ingredients. - This organic House Blend is ethically sourced, economically sustainable, small batch and artisan crafted.

INGREDIENTS: Peppermint*, Rosehips*, Chamomile*, Lindon*, Elderflower*, Chrysanthemum*, Licorice root*. Caffeine free *Organic

STEEPING NOTES: 1 tbsp; boiling water; 5-10 minutes of steep time


Chocolate Trufflemint

Our family favorite! Our kids LOVE this tea! Chocolate, Peppermint, and Red Rooibos. A decadent dessert tea for the whole family to enjoy. Caffeine free and mother approved.

INGREDIENTS: Red Rooibos*, Candied Hazelnut*, Chocolate Nibs*, flavor, Peppermint* *Organic. Caffeine Free

STEEPING NOTES: 1 tbs;  boiling water;  5 to 7 minutes of steep time

Warm Hugs

Snuggle in and coze down with a cup of Warm Hugs! Soothing chamomile is paired with calming peppermint and warmed by sweet cinnamon. A yummy, family favorite! Meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends and neighbors. Try a Warm Hug Steamer: infuse the tea into your favorite steamed milk beverage and add just a squeeze of honey!!! So delicious! Warm Hugs is the star tea at our neighborhood school, May Street Elementary. During the fall, the school kids will sell 2oz canisters of Warm Hugs and 100% of the proceeds are then donated back to the school's enrichment programs. Last year the kids sold close to 1000 canisters!!! This fundraiser is very dear to our Good Medicine team and we are so very proud that we can help and contribute to our local community! Go Team! Contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or ingredients.This organic House Blend is ethically sourced, economically sustainable, small batch and artisan crafted.

INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon*, Peppermint*, Chamomile*. Caffeine free *Organic

STEEPING NOTES: 1 tbsp; boiling water; 5-10 minutes of steep time

Tis the Season to cozy up with the ones you love, creating magical memories.

Good Medicine is here for you. 








Winter Romance

How can you show yourself a little extra self love as the Winter Season approaches?

How about sparking up AN IMPASSIONED ROMANCE BETWEEN ROSE, CACAO, AND VANILLA with an economically sustainable loose leaf black tea blend-

A heightened sensual experience of Rose, Cacao and Vanilla Black tea. Swoon, sigh, and sway.

Rosa Cacao flirts and tantalizes your senses leaving you wanting just one more smell.... just one more taste.

  • Both Rose and Cacao are aromatherapy euphorics inducing states of pleasure and bliss.
  • Both have also been traditionally used for heart opening, love promoting, herbal aphrodisiacs.
  • Combined with deep roasted black tea and creamy vanilla, your heart will surely surge and fall deeply in love.
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or ingredients. - This organic festive House Blend is ethically sourced, economically sustainable, small batch and artisan crafted.


Black tea, Madagascar vanilla*, Cacao nibs*, Rose petals



1 tsp; boiling water; 5-10 minutes of steep time


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The Good Angel Gala

--A Festive, Evening Benefit for the Hood River Christmas Project--

Friends, WE are The Change. The Change begins right here in Our own neighborhood, Our own town, Our own Community.
Come Celebrate and Contribute with The Good Medicine Center For Healing Arts!

Help us bring Peace and Joy to our neighbors in need. With small donations of food, toys and money we have the collective impact to brighten lives in our community during this Holiday Season.

Live Music
Cosmetic Life-styling with Mary Lively
Good Medicine Tea: Holiday blends and wares
Jewelry, Crystals and Curios from Sol Creations
One Breath Pro-Biotic Beverages...
Warming Elixirs
Door Prizes and Raffle drawings of local Gorge treasures

Admission Options: $10 monetary donation and or a new unwrapped toy.


good angel.jpg



Small Business Saturday

Support #SmallBusinessSaturday in the Gorge! How blessed we are to live in a community rich with local, family owned, sustainably focused businesses.
Feel the love, send the love today!
💚 [Local pickup available] 💚

Photo of Alpen Glow, our Original Blend of Red Rooibos, Lavender, and Peppermint. Ultra comforting and calming for anytime of day.



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What are we thankful for?

What are we thankful for?

__Our community of tea lovers
__Our direct source beyond organic tea from around the world
__Our local/sustainably harvested herbs                                                                       __Mother Nature & her gifts of abundance                                                               __Nourished & happy hearts                                                                                               __The family created at 1029 May St ✨ 

May you be open to receiving the blessings!




Thanksgiving Tea Favorites

Thanksgiving week!! As we prepare for the festivities, we share a few of our favorite blends for the big day.

- Dharma Green: an original house blend of Dragonwell Green Tea, Lemongrass and Peppermint

-Golden Spice: a zesty blend of Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper, Lemon and Citrus

-Chai Divine: an original house Herbal Blend of our favorite Chai spices and Tulsi

-Wildfire: Pine fire smoked Black Tea

We highlight these 4 teas to have a variety for you and your guests. Dharma Green and Wildfire are both caffeinated, while Golden Spice and Chai Divine are herbal blends. The combination of these options offers digestion aid, anti-inflammatory benefits, anti-oxidants, and an overall cozy fall feel. 

We are thankful for the healing qualities that tea and herbs continue to provide us, for a life of vitality and happiness. We thank you for your commitment to your health and support to Good Medicine Tea.

Browse online and remember a LOCAL pickup option is available. 

BULK is always available for our LOCAL customers as well :)



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Good Medicine Tea at Mt. Hood Meadows

Yes, it is true...Good Medicine Tea is now available to enjoy at Mt. Hood Meadows in all 8 food service locations!
---We are so grateful to connect our tea with our favorite place to be during the winter
---Our community support fills us with so much love, THANK YOU!
---Pray for Snow!!



Make it at home - Good Medicine's Chai Recipe

Make it at home - Good Medicine's Chai Recipe


We love chai - chai tea, chai lattes, chai coffee, chai ice cream, chai cake. The list of drinks, snacks, and things you can bake with chai is endless and mouthwatering. However - brief history lesson - the word chai really just refers to tea. Masala is the spice that we've come to know and adore. If you were to travel to India, the origin of that chai latte, it is referred to as a masala chai, or spiced tea.

Before the tea trades began, kada was a traditional concoction of healing spices and herbs that was sipped on in India. Once trade routes began to open up, both tea and milk became popular, and the three came together in beautiful harmony. That origin is the route Good Medicine has taken for our special house chai, focusing on a base that will nourish you and your loved ones.

Making chai is an art...feel free to play around with our base once you've made it! We love adding golden paste, matcha, chocolate, or cacao as we mix our base into latte form. Freeze it in ice cubes for an easy way to spice up your drinks. Let us know what you come up with, and check out our loose leaf chai teas for a perfect present for the chai lovers in your life! 



(yields approx. 2 gallons)

20 cups water

19 tbs ginger root (minced)

2 tbs ginger powder

4 tbs coconut shreds

4 tsp cinnamon cassia

2 tbs hulled cardamom

12 allspice balls

12 cloves

20 black pepper balls

2 tbs turmeric powder

Cooking Directions

-Grind cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, cloves, black pepper together in herb grinder.

-Over medium/low heat, dry cook all the dry ingredients including the ginger and turmeric. Stir frequently, cooking until well- mixed and very fragrant- approx 5 minutes.

- Add water to dry ingredients. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for up to 2 hours.

-Strain off spices and store in glass container in fridge


Chai Latte

9 oz of Chai Base

3 oz Milk

Tea of choice (Crescendo is our favorite - use your favorite black, green, roobios, mate, or matcha!)

1 Tbl of Honey (optional)

Combine ingredients into a warmer or small pot on the stove. Steam.

Strain into cup



Transitioning with the Seasons & Flowing with Fall

This time of year, all of us at Good Medicine Tea, are feeling that extra urge to cozy up with a warm cup of tea. We are feeling into the changes of the seasons and the changes that are happening in our own lives. How about all of you?

Most recently, we are grooving with the transition of our beloved 1029 May Street, from Good Medicine Tea Lounge to Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts. It has been almost two months since community classes have begun, with monthly events and weekly series. It is amazing to see the growth, variety, and healing outcomes of the offerings.  is the best place to view our monthly offerings.

--We also have added a facebook page, Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts, to highlight events, updates, and share photos.

It has been amazing to feel how the space has transitioned in such an open, nurturing, exciting way. There is a saying, that the best events in life happen outside of our comfort zone. Re-arranging the lounge, taking out the previous comforts of the interior set up, has only brought in fresh, enlightened energy. It truly feels that the space is now ready to hold us and nourish us in a new way.

We are delighted to have the Good Medicine Team shine their light in a new way, offering classes and events, as well as our talented community members. If, as reading this, you are feeling a desire to bring one of your gifts to host a class series, workshop, or monthly event, please email us at

Lastly, our whole selection of loose leaf tea and custom tea bags are still available for purchase via or and can be shipped, or picked up at 1029 May St. Hood River, OR. Of course, we have our canister also still located at our many retail locations around the Gorge. 

Thank you! We feel blessed to be part of such a supportive community. With love and warm tea, to your health!



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Tea Travel: Ecuador Guayusa Part 1: From Planting to Drinking Guayusa Tea

My goals of Tea Travel have been manifested! I can not express enough gratitude for my experience volunteering with Fundacion Pacha. When I finalized my plans to begin my travels in Ecuador, I knew that exploring the world of Guayusa was a must. Since I began working with Good Medicine Tea, I have fallen in love with Guayusa.  This sweet, earthy, emerald green tea, warms me with a clean, focused energy.

Guayusa is grown traditionally in Ecuador, in the Oriente, on the brink of the deep Amazon Rainforest. With a warm, humid, tropical climate, Guayusa soars. The indigenous Kichwa, have always grown Guayusa and use it for a daily ritual drink. Traditionally shared around a fire at four in the morning, Kichwa shamans would help interpret dreams. I had the pleasure of staying with a local family in the community of San Jose and take part in this sacred ceremony. Interpretation of dreams, fuel for the day’s labor, and a sense of gratitude for what the Earth provides.

    The traditional harvest of the Guayusa happens at six in the morning, rotating amongst the chakras (family harvest plots). Filling our hand made baskets with fresh dew kissed Guayusa leaves was a highlight of my week. After the harvest, the women displayed a traditional dance honoring the Earth for providing us with water and harvest.

    We left the community after two days, to bring the Guayusa leaves back to the Pacha processing factory in Santo Domingo. Here the leaves are placed in drying beds and turned multiple times per day for over a week. Next, I witnessed the processing of the dried leaves to be prepared for loose leaf tea.

image (2).jpeg

4 a.m. Guayusa Ceremony


Drying Beds

  Later on in the week, while with my next home stay family, I planted baby Guayusa trees in a new chakra plot. Taking the babies from a previous cutting, showed the integrity of the plant and its will to flourish. Blending right into its perfect habitat amongst banana trees, yucca, other tropical fruit trees.


image (1).jpeg

Planting baby Guayusa trees

Seeing this amazing craft, from planting to harvest to processing to then enjoying as a loose leaf tea was stunning. It grew my love and passion for this medicine. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn first hand where a tea, that is a powerful part of my daily ritual, has begun. It has brought a more sacred aspect to what tea means for me, what I am putting into my body, and feeling a worldly connectedness and support through the power of plants.

Salud y Amor, Brittany


image (3).jpeg

Guayusa Chakra



What direct trade relationships & beyond organic means to us

As Good Medicine Tea evolves, we are striving for and creating new direct trade relationships with tea growers through our own personal tea travel experiences. We feel this is truly the most direct source we can come across and are thrilled on these new relationships.

This week we are highlighting our newest collaboration with Ecuadorian Guayusa! PACHA foundation/Pacha Guayusa. 

We are pleased to be the first tea company in the United States to proudly supply this Ecuadorian grown fantastic product.

Stay tuned for a blog post from Brittany Anna on her introduction & discovery of Pacha while volunteering with the foundation in April. As well as our favorite ways to enjoy this bright green energy for the body & soul.



A Season of Change at Good Medicine Tea

Dear Beautiful Good Medicine Community,

We are making an evolutionary leap, and we hope that you will jump with us. It’s time for us to grow, and so it is with great joy that we announce the creation of the Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts.

In this transformation, The Good Medicine Lounge is transitioning into a space for classes and events where our Community can come together and learn sustainable practices for spiritual growth, well being, and Vibrant Living! The Healing Arts Center is home to a growing community of physical, mental, and energetic healers; we are going to allow their skills and teaching to come into the forefront of what we offer in the Good Medicine Lounge.

We have built a home for our hearts in The Good Medicine Lounge, now we want to open that home up to our Community so that we can grow and live more vibrantly together! We welcome our community to bring their own ideas for regular meditations and classes, as well as workshops and individual events. Check in with us as our schedule of offerings takes shape in the weeks to come and reach out to us if you have something you want to offer!

Good Medicine Tea is thriving and you can purchase our teas online. We are supported by many local businesses where you can purchase and enjoy our tea as well.

We can’t wait for you all to join us as we move forward!

With Love and Gratitude,
Your Friends at Good Medicine 

Camellia Sinesis, The Mother of All Tea

Although many tea connoisseurs would attest to the statement that “all tea comes from the same plant,” this is never the less accurate.

I was amazed to learn that white, green, black, pu-er, and oolong teas were all products of the same plant. This is fascinating to me so I began to explore what made them so different. Below is a short guide to each and a way to more closely connect to your next cup…

*Disclaimer* – There are many factors which make a tea unique, everything from the process after picking to the location and soil of the roots. These in general are rough guides. What makes tea so unique are the many factors which create the art that is.

White Tea:

This tea is made from the leaves and buds of the camellia sinensis. Unlike other processes, this tea is typically left to wither and dry in the natural sun. Thus is the process that defines White Tea. The name ‘White Tea’ comes from the small, silver-like hairs on the unopened buds and contains the highest amount of antioxidants.

Green Tea:

As mentioned before, it is the process which dictates the classification. This process in particular has a broad spectrum…

Some artisan methods include: Sun-drying, basket, charcoal, or pan firing.

Some more modern methods include: Oven-drying, tumbling, or steaming.

Many believe that a re-firing of the leaves improve the flavor and increase the shelf life of the tea.

Two examples of varying processes include the flat, rolled tea leaves from Japan called Sencha (their most popular tea), and another popular green, Jasmine Pearl, which are tea leaves and buds picked and stored until the jasmine harvest. Just before bloom the tea leaves and the jasmine buds are set to “mate” during the night when the jasmine blossoms open, releasing their fragrance.

Black Tea:

Refers to the process of oxidation that takes place with typically a “stronger” flavor. Also known as “red tea” within China.

First the leaves are withered by blowing air. Next the leaves are either put through the CTC (crush, tear, curl) Method typically used for bagged teas, or the orthodox method which is done either by hand or a more delicate machine. This method is used typically for loose-leaf, a more traditional form. Next comes the oxidation process which occurs through controlled temperature and humidity. This can be done on a conveyor belt, or simply on a tray on the floor.

Finally comes the drying which “arrests” the oxidation process, stopping it in it’s tracks!

Oolong Tea:

What is characteristic about this tea is the unique process of intense withering under the sun as well as the oxidation process taking place before “curling and twisting.” Another distinct aspect of this tea is the wide array of distinct flavors that are presented.

Pu-erh Tea:

What separates this tea from others is the fermentation process that takes place after the leaves have been dried and rolled. Unlike other teas, Pu-erh continues to mature with age and will often have the province and date attached.

So here they are! The main 5 that you are likely to run into in your daily life. Here at the Good Medicine Lounge we carry all of these wonderful variations and would love to share with you a cup.

With a Warm Belly,


Growing Tea in the Columbia River Gorge - Part 1

For a number of years, I’ve dreamed of growing tea in the Pacific Northwest. Last spring, I took the first steps towards making this happen!

Tea is produced from the leaves and leaf buds of Camellia sinensis, an evergreen tree. White, green, oolong, pu-erh and black teas are all made from this plant, but are processed differently to obtain different levels of oxidation, and a wide variety of flavors.

First tea seeds — a cold hardy seed from Georgia (south of Russia) parented by the cultivar “Kokhida”

First tea seeds — a cold hardy seed from Georgia (south of Russia) parented by the cultivar “Kokhida”

My first step toward growing tea was researching whether it was realistic in the Columbia Gorge area… here are my notes from Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties:

The Soil

  • Acidic, pH 4.5-5.5 is best, this helps the tea absorb nutrients
  • Rich in minerals (nitrogen, potassium)
  • Covered with a deep layer of hummus
  • Central root needs to get a solid grip at depth of 6 ft, so soil should be loose (not limestone or clay)
  • Permeable, well-draining, but with good moisture retention

The Climate

  • Tropical or subtropical (Uh Oh!)
  • Minimum 60″ rain per year
  • Dry season should be no longer than 3 months
  • Average temperature 65-68º F
  • Minimum 5 hours of sun per day
  • Relative humidity 70-90%
  • With the exception of some cultivars, trees are likely to be killed by temperatures below 23º F
  • Growth slows considerably when temperatures are low throughout the year, but climatic variation can help develop flavors

If you’re familiar with the climate in the Columbia River Gorge, it probably won’t surprise you that the things I was reading were pretty discouraging. I knew that if I ever wanted this to work I’d have to find a very cold-hardy variety of Camellia sinensis.

First tea seedling coming up!

First tea seedling coming up!


Hopefully, I found it! In the spring of 2015, a shipment of cold-hardy tea seeds were imported from Georgia (country, not state), and I ordered 100 seeds.

In the next installment, Growing Tea in the Columbia Gorge: Part 2, I’ll lay out my method for starting the seeds, and the things that worked well (and that didn’t work so well!).