Selenite - The High Priestess


High Priestess

Selenite clears, cleanses, and purifies. She transforms, disperses and detoxifies impurities within the auric field. She wields unconditional Love and Divinity from the Source. Selenite embodies the Divine Feminine, for she appears delicate and fragile but is fierce and vehement against those that oppose her.

She is Virtuous and Pure. She emanates ideals of Love, Light and Joy. Selenite holds space for Healing Transformations, She guides the transitions of  the Dark to the Light; the Conscious to the Subconscious; and the External to the Internal.

She illuminates the Shadow with Love and Self Acceptance. She sweeps away thoughts of unworthiness, self loathing and shame. Selenite clears away patterns of fear, distrust and greed.

She assists in neutralizing the Energetic Body to allow Ancestral Healing of the Primordial Soul. Selenite can bi-passes the trauma inflicted manifestation and guides Source healings.

How to Use: Selenite comes in various shapes, sizes and forms.  The towers can make lovely altar pieces. My daughter keeps a Heart of Selenite by her bed. The Selenite Wands are nice to place under beds, couches and recliners, as well as underneath massage tables.

As a working stone, I use a Selenite Wand at the beginning of every session to clear the energetic field.  I also like to place a Wand lengthwise down the center midline, bridging the Heart Space and the Diaphragm (both on the front and back of the body). I will sometimes also place her widthwise across the low belly and hips.

Chakra Systems: Supports the entire energetic body

Cosmic Element: Air

Goddess Incarnate: Ma’at, Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Balance and Virtue

Crystal Soul Mates: Selenite loves to work with other helping stones: Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Labradorite. Please also see our Crystal Immersion Collection,

*** All of our Healing Crystals and Stones are cleansed and purified before shipment. Please note that colors, shapes and sizes will vary. We meditate and intuitively hand select each stone per order ensuring that you receive the stone that is meant for You***

**Crystal Musings by Nikol Angel**