Rose Quartz - The Beloved

The Lover, The Loved, The Beloved

Enhances our attunement to Beauty. We become aware of the Divine Beauty that radiates deep within our inner core. We shed a layer of self restraint and rise strong with Grace.

Allows us to remember how to Love ourselves and others unconditionally. Gently encourages forgiveness. Makes space for self compassion and acceptance for who we truly are.  Heals our broken hearts, mends deep wounds of betrayal, abandonment and neglect.

Radiates Open Hearted, Fearless Love. Our Love becomes infinite without walls, boundaries or fear of rejection. We begin to Trust and lean into the amorous waters of affection.

Big warm embrace, comforting, cozy snuggle,  

Allows self-compassion, self love and feelings of worthiness, helps process through times of emotional trauma and heart ache, when  devastation culminates into self destructive behaviors.

Rose Quartz uplifts the heart. Raises the vibration of our energetic field and accelerates the healing process.

Radiates self-acceptance and forgiveness

Find Rose Quartz in our Crystal Immersion Collection and energetically infused into our Warm Hugs herbal tea.