Clear Quartz - The Oracle

Astral Realm, energetic and astral bodies

Divine Messenger of the Source. Enhances our Clairvoyance of the Auric field and Amplifies the resonance of transmissions.

Allows fruition of manifestations.

Behaves as a Karmic Prism of our very soul, the Light we attract and acquire is collected and then released into brilliant rays of radiance

Commands us to quiet down and be still. When we calm our external vibration we prepare to fully listen to our deep inner selves.

The subconscious presents accessibility, and the narrative ego fades away. Deep stillness ensues and an outer sheath of agitation is lifted and released. In this realm of spaciousness, our True Healing begins.  In this space of infinite freedom we breathe and pulsate with unconditional Love and Acceptance.

Our Intuition is then vibrant and loud.

We receive the answers of un-asked questions and are given precious Insight on how to Live with more vitality and abundance. Spiritual wisdom fills our psyche and we release into a grounded state of Knowing. For once we are able Hear, then we Know. And once we Know, we will never be able to return to a life of complacency.

We start to acknowledge our innermost dreams and desires

Lifts  the foggy mist of confusion and entrusts clear discernment of what IS.

6th and 7th Chakras

Synergistically enhances vibrations and essences of all other stones, crystals, plants and flowers

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