Introducing: Speak Easy!

Speak Easy Tea.JPG

Recently, our friend Mikael Naramore approached us about creating a special blend. Mikael is a voice actor that narrates audiobooks (You can find a list of his titles here).

He was looking for something that he could drink at work to help him soothe his voice and his stomach. Folks in the voiceover community have to be very careful about their voices AND the acid in their stomachs. The slightest amount of acid reflux can negatively affect their voice. To try and protect their asset, they can only eat light, starchy foods like saltines, oyster or goldfish crackers on the days that they’re working.

Alexa, our blending wunderkind, attempted a few different iterations before she discovered what would become Speak Easy.

Slippery Elm had to be in the mix as it’s great for soothing irritation in the throat. Sweet cinnamon also helps with irritation and repairing tissue damage and helps settle indigestion. Fennel is considered one of the best aids to digestion. Licorice is a traditional sore throat remedy that is also helpful as a catalyst for the other herbs in the blend. Once she settled on what herbs she wanted, it took her a few weeks to tweak the ratios to make it a pleasure to drink. Hope you enjoy it!

PS If you’d like to learn more about Mikael here's a link to his website.