Grower Spotlight: Jean Marie's Garden

Jean Marie's Garden Organic Farm.jpg

A little slice of heaven close to home

At Good Medicine we strive to source our teas and herbs as sustainably and responsibly as possible. Today we wanted to spotlight a local farmer. Jean Marie’s Garden, a family-owned farm located just a few miles from Good Medicine Tea.

Operated by Dave and Talia Hammond, Jean Marie's specializes in sustainably grown, organic herbs. As part of their mission to make medicinal and culinary herbs a part of everyday life, they offer workshops throughout the year and seasonal farm-stays.

Jean Marie's Garden currently supplies our loose leaf peppermint tea, lemon balm and as much of our tulsi as we can get. We are so happy to have these local, organically grown herbs in our tea blends. Not only is the flavor incredible, but we know exactly where, how and by whom, they were grown. That's Good Medicine.