Now Introducing the newest Good Medicine...

Herbal Wellness Alchemy Blends

Now Energetically Infused with
Flower Essences & Healing Stones


Over these past 6 months the Good Medicine Family has been gestating within creative, healing realms to widen the channels of what they're bringing through their Teas and as a Center for Healing Arts.

Nikol Angel, traveled to the Tucson Gem Show this past February on a calling to bring Crystal Healing into the line of herbal blends she had already created to nourish not only our physical bodies, but our psychospiritual wellbeing as well. Her soul was deeply pulled to pair each Herbal Wellness Blend with a Healing Stone or Crystal that could heighten the medicine the Teas already carried. And so she went.

While she surrendered to the process of dissecting what spiritual and emotional qualities she was looking to enhance by pairing the blends with crystals, Abby Kenny then began pairing them each with a Flower Essence to awaken another webbed layer of healing. The weaving continues as the creation of the Alchemy Blends unfold. 

Flower Essences and Crystals both work with the subtle energy body in deep and powerful ways, addressing emotional wounds and imbalances as well as psychospiritual healing. We will continue to share musings with you about what Flower Essences are, their healing properties as well as the properties of the different crystals and stones we are sharing.

This has been the inspiration of Nikol and Randy's offering in the Healing Arts Center between their Sacred Alchemy Sessions of Sound Healing, Breathwork & Slow Flow classes which are all infused with Stones, Crystals, Herbal Teas and Flower Essences. It was this that inspired the unfolding of the Crystal Immersion Collection and the Alchemy Box Subscriptions.