The Spirit of Calendula

“The Flower of Equanimity”

Calendulas frequency resonates with the Buddha. Mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper. He is the flower of equanimity. He grounds us in presence, dissolving wishes for change or graspings for forever. He nourishes our roots that hold us strong in our truth.

He steadily and gently drinks from the sun carrying the most gentle form of the masculine energy. His sturdiness of mind is profound. He is not rigid in this unwavering strength because his heart is wide open in authenticity within his firm standing.

Calendula teaches assertion without aggression. His medicine serves those who are overly forceful in their ways as well as those who are timid and carry shame and guilt around setting boundaries. He neutralizes any charged emotions or wounds that trigger either end of this spectrum. Yes’s and no’s become very clear, no-nonsense and firm while still warm. Calendula guides us to a balanced way of expression that is steady, matter-of-fact, non-invasive and easily received.

Calendula taps us into the unfiltered current of no forcing and no holding back. He does not shape-shift to please others, he does not worry about how his truth will trigger others, he carries no guilt in his boundaries or roles of authority. He is woven of sharp awareness and deep serenity.

Calendula is admired for his grace in masculinity. He is very firm and strong in his truth, he will not abuse positions of power and is not stubborn in his ways. He is very open to receive from others and willing to undergo deep transformation in his perspectives and ways of living. The foundation of his medicine is that he will not waver or overly assert himself due to fear, triggered wounds or longing. He is guided by only that which ignites and pulls from the purest essence of his soul.

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Flower Musings by Abby Kenny, Subliminal Bliss

Abby is the maker of Good Medicines Flower Essence Line which are infused into all Herbal Wellness Alchemy Blends.