Black Tourmaline

Guardian of Shadows

Black Tourmaline influences spiritual self-defense and diverts negativity from the Astral Body. She shields and deflects fear, anger and angst. She wards and disperses uninvited guests that have dark intentions.

Black Tourmaline is Reliable and unfalteringly dependable. She stands guard on duty, and is Honest, Devoted and Loyal.

Black Tourmaline will absorb and transmute the Dark to allow the full Illumination of Radiance.

**When holding Black tourmaline we remember that our Darkest hours has given us the Resilience to rise Strong into the Light.

Black Tourmaline is aligned with the Divine Masculine and the Fierce Feminine. She bestows Strength, Courage and the Will to become steadfast in your beliefs, values and virtues.

She invokes Personal Empowerment, Confidence, and Determination.

She assists in transforming feelings of insecurity, low self-worth, lethargy and weakness.

As a foundation of stability, Black Tourmaline anchors  your Energetic Body into the Earth Realm allowing you to see what is True. She releases anxiety and excessive mental chatter. She will ground you into the Now and realign your awareness into a balanced state of consciousness.

Black Tourmaline facilitates in diminishing the old story of who we think we are, and allows us to Be just as we Are, right NOW. She slows the cyclic reel of old beliefs and patterns played constantly by our Egos. We become Free to live unattached to concepts of how we once were.

How to Use: Black Tourmaline is part of the family. You must “get to know Her” to really appreciate Her gifts. She comes across like a black lump of coal. However,  she emanates pure strength and stability. I believe that every Crystal Magician should have Black Tourmaline by their side. And if not….hmm, then I question their motives.  I rarely travel without her.

She is a favorite in creating Crystal Grids. She is powerful in both holding and containing an Energetic Field. She prefers to be aligned along perimeters and near windows, doors or path entrances.

**As a working stone, I like to have Her sit near the feet. In extreme cases of purging and detoxifying, I will place Her in the palm of each hand.  

Black Tourmaline also revels in Smudging Rituals with Sage, Palo Santo, Tobacco, or  Sweet Grass

Chakra Systems: Muladhara ( Root, 1st Chakra)

Cosmic Element: Water, Metal

Goddess Incarnate: Artemis, (Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Forest and Moon)

Crystal Soul Mates: Selenite, Clear Quartz, Petrified Wood, and Garnet.

**Crystal Musings by Nikol Angel**