Reflections of 2017

Spending some time reflecting on the magic of Winter Solstice, the Holidays, and the closing of 2017. We are filled with so much gratitude for our tea loving community, the abundance of blessings, and the nourishment Mother Earth provides. 

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Finding the comfort in the colder, darker days, with a warm mug of tea has been a blessing as we arrive into the Winter season. We appreciate all the learning, changes, challenges, endings, beauty, growth, rebirth, and new beginnings that have come from 2017. It is amazing to take the time to reflect on the year and how far we have come. Seeing our tea loving community continue to support us and grow creates endless motivation and encouragement for where 2018 will take us. With a transformation of our Good Medicine Tea Lounge into the birth of Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts, to an expansion in wholesale accounts near & far, tea sales on, creating beautiful international connections for direct trade tea, and continuing to craft new original Good Medicine blends, 2017 has been amazing. 

We can not extend our gratitude enough for our loving community, family, and friends. Wishing you all joyful reflections of 2017, and a healthy entrance of 2018.