Adaptogens, Medicinal Herbs

When considering Herbal Wellness, Adaptogenic Herbs play a very important role. We value the benefits of these age old herbs to bring vitality and healing to our Original Herbal Wellness Teas. In considering restoration and renewal of the body, this month, we highlight three of our favorite Herbal Wellness Teas that aid the body through the inclusion of Adaptogens. 



  • Boost Energy

  • Assist in the body's ability to manage daily stressors

  • Help us adapt/thrive in our environment

  • Promote strength and resiliency


  1. Ashwagandha: Ancient Indian Ayurvedic herb. Aids in strengthening brain and body; in the ability to resist stress, enhance sexual energy, release nervous tension/anxiety, boost memory.

  2. Eleuthero: Native to Siberia and Northern Climates. Most prized for its ability to increase stamina, endurance, longevity, and resist stressors.

  3. Holy Basil: Ancient Indian Ayurvedic herb, also known as Tulsi, meaning "unmatched". Vital component in aiding cardiovascular system, hypertension, diabetes, stress, boosts longevity and well being.

  4. Burdock, Nettle, Oatstraw: Native to North America, Western Herbalism. Assist in increasing energy, restoring vitality, offering extreme nourishment and promoting longevity of health.

  5. Kava Kava: Native to Tropics, Polynesia. Beautiful potential for relaxation of body, reduction in stress and tension. "An old saying goes, ‘where Kava is the heart opens and there is only love’. Kava was used traditionally to soothe arguments and bring peace to communities."

*Reference: Thank you Rosemary Gladstar and



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