Joy Ride - A Blissful Black Tea Blend

Joyride- A specialty loose leaf Black Tea Blend

A favorite dessert tea in the Tea House! Almond, Coconut, and Black Tea equals pure bliss! Honey and milk enhance the flavors to out-of-this-world status. Our customers have been known to selfishly hide and horde this tea from visiting tea drinking friends. Savor alone, or dare to share the fun. Enjoy the Joyful Ride!

Joyride has continuously been a top seller around the Holiday season. So much so, that we have even run out completely before the big day. A great gift in a 2 oz canister and bonus (!) the canisters even fit in stockings! But, we know that you will likely need a stash for yourself at home, so we have you covered with various bulk options. (I recommend at least 4 is a good way to cure a sweet tooth and steer away from another round of Holiday cookies).

Here’s to a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season! 


**Hood River Local Pickup Option available*