Good Medicine Stocking Stuffers

Good Medicine Stocking Stuffers!

Give the tea lovers in your life For Life Design infusers, EcoTeas Mate bombillos, or travel friendly Steep N Go infusers... Don't forget Buddha Chocolate (small batch PDX)!

These 3 options make for easy access to your loose leaf tea steeping needs. For life stainless steel infusers fit into most 12 oz mugs. Two options include for at home steeping and travel steeping. The travel steeper comes with it's own carrying case. The Steep N Go infusers are silicone, light weight options for traveling with loose leaf tea. Also, great to bring camping or to ease weight limitations. Eco Teas Mate bombillos are available in stainless steel or bamboo. Bombillos are basically straws, that have little holes at the base to strain the tea as you drink through the straw. Traditionally served with a gourd of Mate, these bombillos can also be used with Herbal Teas, or Guayusa (teas that can handle a longer steep time). 

Buddha Chocolate is one of our favorite Portland based, small batch Chocolate companies. "Cacao + Coconut sugar, a magical alchemy" combination. Hand ground and poured with mindfulness and intention. 

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