Transitioning with the Seasons & Flowing with Fall

This time of year, all of us at Good Medicine Tea, are feeling that extra urge to cozy up with a warm cup of tea. We are feeling into the changes of the seasons and the changes that are happening in our own lives. How about all of you?

Most recently, we are grooving with the transition of our beloved 1029 May Street, from Good Medicine Tea Lounge to Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts. It has been almost two months since community classes have begun, with monthly events and weekly series. It is amazing to see the growth, variety, and healing outcomes of the offerings.  is the best place to view our monthly offerings.

--We also have added a facebook page, Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts, to highlight events, updates, and share photos.

It has been amazing to feel how the space has transitioned in such an open, nurturing, exciting way. There is a saying, that the best events in life happen outside of our comfort zone. Re-arranging the lounge, taking out the previous comforts of the interior set up, has only brought in fresh, enlightened energy. It truly feels that the space is now ready to hold us and nourish us in a new way.

We are delighted to have the Good Medicine Team shine their light in a new way, offering classes and events, as well as our talented community members. If, as reading this, you are feeling a desire to bring one of your gifts to host a class series, workshop, or monthly event, please email us at

Lastly, our whole selection of loose leaf tea and custom tea bags are still available for purchase via or and can be shipped, or picked up at 1029 May St. Hood River, OR. Of course, we have our canister also still located at our many retail locations around the Gorge. 

Thank you! We feel blessed to be part of such a supportive community. With love and warm tea, to your health!



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