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Right Here, Right Now: Childbirth Education

The midwives at Right at Home Midwifery view pregnancy and birth as natural, physiologic processes.  We believe that these events are intimately connected to what it is to be human, and that birth offers an opportunity for empowerment and profound learning about one's self.  These beliefs are the foundations of the way we practice as midwives and the way we teach through our childbirth education classes.

The midwives of Right at Home Midwifery present Right Here, Right Now: Childbirth Education. This childbirth education series is focused on educating families on the anatomy and physiology of childbirth. We will discuss how hormones come into play during childbirth, as well as each stage of labor and what's happening in the mind and the body along the way. We will discuss coping techniques for labor with an emphasis on presence in order to allow labor and birth to unfold naturally.

We will also educate on how support people can assist the laboring person, what to expect in the immediate postpartum, newborn feeding basics, and what options are available when it comes to interventions during childbirth.

This is a 2 part series. January 12th & 19th, 2019

$350.00 with scholarships available upon request 


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Sarah McClure, LDM, CPM, Charli Zarosinski, LDM, CPM and Hearth and Home Midwifery