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Yoni Nidra with Abby Kenny

Join Abby Kenny and a small group of women for restoration, releasing and awakening. This is a healing practice of guided visualizations, breathwork and meditation to tune into any stored emotion, trauma or tension that is residing within your sacred female anatomy. Abby will gently guide you to mentally scan these intimate parts of yourself that are so often only given attention when it comes to sex, birth or if we have some sort of health issue. 

Our womb and sexual organs are a huge energy center we hold as women. Woman were once call the "two-hearted beings"  with the womb given as much emphasis as the heart. Our intuitive abilities, sensual nature and creativity were deeply honored. All life comes from women and it's time to reclaim that deep reverence for ourselves.

So many of us carry trauma - whether verbally, emotionally or physically. Whether it's from the media, cultural imprinting or personal experience. This impact often resides as tension in the tissue. Though this practice is a meditation, by bringing all our mental attention to these parts in our bodies we can have emotional and physiological responses of release and letting go. It's common for woman to experience numbness or pain or having very unpleasant menstrual cycles. This is a way to become more connected to bring healing to yourself and tune into your needs and what your body is trying to tell you. 

This is a practice that can benefit any woman. If you have had a hysterectomy, is does not matter, this energy center will always live within you.  Our time together is to enhance our creative and feminine centers refueling the energy we hold as women. 

If you feel the slightest bit of a pull, if reading this makes you feel nervous or anxious, it most likely a sign that this is something that will benefit you. Join Abby at The Good Medicine Lounge for a night of healing and reclaiming your body as sacred. You will be tucked into a restorative pose with blankets and bolsters by the fireplace to experience a deep and powerful journey. Bring your journal, we will have time to process our experiences and please contact Abby with any questions.

 7pm-8:30pm at The Good Medicine Lounge. Limited space, registration required. Cost: $20. 


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